What Do Cowboys Call Cows?

In the world of ranching and cowboy culture, a fascinating question arises: what do cowboys call cows? This seemingly simple inquiry may hold surprising answers, as it delves into the intricacies of cowboy jargon and the rich traditions that define their way of life. From the expansive plains of Texas to the rugged landscapes of Montana, cowboys have developed a unique vocabulary that reflects their deep connection with the animals they care for. Join us as we explore the captivating world of cowboy terminology and discover the various names these skilled individuals use to refer to their beloved bovine companions.

1. Native and Traditional Terms

1.1 Texas Longhorns

Native to the state of Texas, the Texas Longhorns are a breed of cattle that holds a significant place in the history and culture of the American West. Cowboys often refer to these majestic animals as the “pride of Texas” due to their iconic long, curved horns. The term “Texas Longhorns” is a nod to the breed’s origins and serves as a reminder of the region’s proud ranching heritage.

1.2 Beef Cattle

Beef cattle are a common sight in the vast grasslands of ranches across the country. Cowboys use the term “beef cattle” to refer to cows raised primarily for meat production. These cows are raised with careful attention to their diet and genetics to ensure the highest quality and flavor of beef. The term “beef cattle” highlights the important role these animals play in satisfying the demand for high-quality beef worldwide.

1.3 Milk Cows

In addition to meat production, cows are also valued for their ability to produce milk. Cowboys use the term “milk cows” to refer to cows specifically bred and kept for their milk production. These cows are generally of dairy breeds such as Holsteins or Jerseys, known for their high milk production and quality. The term “milk cows” recognizes the vital role these animals play in providing a source of nourishment through their milk.

1.4 Ranch Horses

Cowboys heavily rely on skilled and dependable horses to navigate the rugged terrain of ranches and manage cattle. Ranch horses are specially trained to work with cows, displaying agility, speed, and an understanding of the cowboy’s commands. Cowboys refer to these equine partners as “ranch horses.” The term “ranch horses” showcases the close bond between the cowboy and his trusted steed, highlighting their crucial role in the daily tasks required in managing cattle and maintaining the ranch operations.

What Do Cowboys Call Cows?

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2. Slang and Colloquial Expressions

2.1 Bovine Beauties

When cowboys want to add a touch of affection or admiration to their descriptions of cows, they often use the term “bovine beauties.” This playful phrase reflects the cowboys’ appreciation for the grace and beauty of these majestic animals. It also hints at the cow’s vital role in shaping the Western landscape and economy.

2.2 Steers and Heifers

Cowboys use the terms “steers” and “heifers” to differentiate between male and female cattle. A steer refers to a castrated male cow, while a heifer refers to a female cow that has not yet calved or given birth to a calf. These terms are commonly used in cattle ranching to accurately identify and manage the different genders within a herd.

2.3 Leathernecks

The term “leathernecks” is occasionally used by cowboys to refer to cows. The term playfully alludes to the thick, tough skin of cows, which is reminiscent of the sturdy leather neck collars historically worn by horses. This distinctive term showcases the cowboys’ creativity and their ability to find unique descriptors that reflect the ruggedness of their environment.

2.4 Spursellers

When cowboys want to inject a touch of humor into their conversations about cows, they may use the term “spursellers.” This tongue-in-cheek expression plays on the idea that cows can be seen as “selling” their meat and hides, emphasizing the cow’s value and the role it plays in the industry. It exemplifies the lighthearted nature often present in cowboy lingo.

What Do Cowboys Call Cows?

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3. Cowboy Terminology

3.1 Dogies

The term “dogies” has its roots in the ranching traditions of the American West. It refers to motherless or orphaned calves that require extra care and attention to ensure their survival. Cowboys often take on the role of surrogate parents, nursing these young calves back to health. The term “dogies” reflects the compassion and dedication of cowboys in caring for these vulnerable creatures.

3.2 Doggerels

Similar to dogies, “doggerels” are young calves that have been weaned and are now independent of their mothers. This term highlights the transition these calves go through, from being dependent on their mothers’ milk to relying on grazing and other sources of nutrition. The term “doggerels” showcases the subtle nuances in the stages of calf development.

3.3 Doggers

The term “doggers” is used to refer to mature cattle that are difficult to handle or manage. These stubborn animals may require additional effort and skill to guide and control, making them a challenge for even the most experienced cowboys. The term “doggers” showcases the resilience and determination of both cowboys and cattle alike, as they navigate the trials of ranching together.

3.4 Doggies

The term “doggies” is often used by cowboys to refer to young calves or young cattle in general. It is a term of endearment, reflecting the affection and care that cowboys have for these vulnerable animals. The use of the term “doggies” represents the close bond between cowboys and cattle during the formative stages of a calf’s life.

What Do Cowboys Call Cows?

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4. Breed-Specific References

4.1 Angus

The breed-specific term “Angus” is used by cowboys to refer to cattle belonging to the Angus breed. Angus cattle are known for their superior meat quality, tenderness, and marbling. The term “Angus” reflects the industry’s recognition of this breed’s distinct attributes and their significant contribution to the beef market.

4.2 Herefords

Cowboys use the term “Herefords” to refer to cattle of the Hereford breed. Herefords are known for their hardiness, adaptability, and the distinctive red color of their hides. The term “Herefords” acknowledges the breed’s historic significance and its continued prevalence in the beef industry.

4.3 Brahman

The term “Brahman” is used by cowboys to describe cattle of the Brahman breed. Originating from India, Brahman cattle are known for their heat tolerance and adaptability to challenging climates. The term “Brahman” highlights the breed’s unique characteristics and its importance in regions with harsh environmental conditions.

4.4 Holsteins

When cowboys refer to cows with distinct black and white patterns, they often use the term “Holsteins.” Holsteins are a breed of dairy cattle known for their high milk production and the classic black and white markings on their hides. The term “Holsteins” recognizes the breed’s significance in the dairy industry and the vital role they play in providing milk for various dairy products.

What Do Cowboys Call Cows?

5. Catchall Terms

5.1 Critters

The term “critters” serves as a catchall term used by cowboys to refer to cows and other livestock that are part of a ranching operation. It emphasizes the diversity and varied roles these animals play on a ranch. The term “critters” showcases the informality and relaxed camaraderie amongst cowboys when discussing their four-legged companions.

5.2 Livestock

The broader term “livestock” encompasses a wide range of domestic animals, including cows, that are raised for agricultural purposes. Cowboys often use this term when discussing the collective group of animals under their care. The term “livestock” underscores the cowboys’ responsibility and commitment to managing and nurturing these animals to ensure their overall well-being.

5.3 Range Cattle

When referring to cows that roam freely and graze on open ranges, cowboys often use the term “range cattle.” This term highlights the cow’s ability to adapt to natural environments and thrive on the vast expanses of land. The term “range cattle” accentuates the connection between cows and their Western habitat.

5.4 Bossies

The term “bossies,” derived from the word “boss,” is commonly used to refer to cows. It captures the inherent authority and dominance that cows possess in a ranching context. The term “bossies” also reflects the acknowledgment of the cow’s role as the primary focus and center of attention in the cowboy’s work and livelihood.

In conclusion, cowboys possess a rich vocabulary when referring to cows, utilizing a combination of traditional, slang, and breed-specific terms. These various terminologies offer insights into the close relationship between cowboys and the cattle they work with, serving as a reminder of the long-standing heritage and significance of ranching in the American West.

What Do Cowboys Call Cows?